#Onthisday in history Gaius Cassius Longinus was born on October 3rd 85 B.C. died #Onthisday on 42 B.C.

He was a Roman senator leading and an important instigator of the plot to kill Julius Caser and the brother in law of the Marcus Junius Brutus.

Upon Cassius’ return to Rome in 50 B.C. there where a major civil war broke out between Julius Caesar and Pompey. He was elected tribune of Plebs for the 49 B.C. He threw his lot in with Optimates along with his brother Lucius Cassius in support of Caesar. After leaving Italy he went to meet with Pompey at Greece and became the commander of his fleet.

He also commanded the troop of Brutus and during a major battle of Philipi the joint forces of Mark Anthony and Octavian. While the former supporters of Caesar were defeated and commited suicide after been defeated by Mark Antony.