What is the Constable of the tower? The constable is the most senior position at the tower of London. The position goes back to the Medieval era, a Constable was the person in charge of a castle when the owner, the king or nobleman was not at the residence. Burt the constable of the tower has an important and unique position in history because he was in charge of a fortress which defended the capital city of England. 

The Constable of the tower in the present is only a ceremonial position. The traditional ceremonies within the tower was and still is a part of the community for those who live there. 

The office of the constable of the tower is one of the oldest positions in England which dates back to within a few years of the Britain’s conquest. The position of Constable was and still is one of the greatest honours today. 

In the past examples, the appointment would be eminent by the Prelates of the church, important politicians or highly regarded soldiers, but the first constable in history was Geofrey de Mandeville who was appointed by William the Conqueror himself 1066-87 A.D. 

When the king or nobility was absent, the Constable would be one of the most powerful men in London. In this day the Constable retains the right of access to the Sovereign. Since 1784 the constable has been a senior Military officer. 

Upon the Medieval period the Constable ran the tower which included the services of the soldiers payments, maintenance of the building and the Royal Menagerie who was housed in the tower , the supervision of the kings animals. A very important task was the responsibilities of the prison.

The first prisoner of the tower who was kept there was a Figure known as Norman bishop Flambard in 1100 A.D. and the last people, the infamous London gangsters known as Ronnie and Reggie Kray who were kept for a few days in 1952 A.D. refusing to do national service.

Every single ship that went upstream to London had to moor at the Tower Warf to give a portion of there goods or money to constable as a payment for protection by the afforded towers cannons.


Some of the most famous Constables were Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington who served for 1825-52 A.D. For his tenure and Royal managerie, the recorded office was taken out and many of the historical buildings were restored to there medieval state.

The constable of the tower has a 5 year term for the protection of the jewels and tower.

In history there are were many rituals that are still in place today, these are one of the magical few moments that are still used in such an amazing place at the tower and a part of British heritage. On the fifth of October there is a ceremony at the tower and can be viewed on historical royal palaces site , Facebook live and he is the 160thConstable of the Tower of London.