Severus Alexander was born #onthisday in history 1st October 208 A.D. and died 19th march 235 A.D. he was Roman Emperor from 222-235 A.D. He was the last emperor from the Severan Dynasty. Severus became emperor when his cousin was assassinated in 222 A.D. Elagabalus, this marked an event of the third-century crisis.

Alexander was the heir to his cousin, the 18 year old emperor had been murder along with his mother Julia Soaemias by his own guards.

When he was emperor during a peace time his reign was a prosperous. The militarily of Rome was confronted with the rising Empire Sassanid. He was able to check the threat of the Sassanid but the campaigns and against the Germanic tribe from Germania. Alexander tried to bring peace by engaging in diplomacy and bribery. The Roman army was alienated which led a conspiracy to assassinate and replace the emperor.