Henry of Bolingbroke born 15th April 1367 A.D. and died 20th  March 1413 A.D. he was born at the castle Bolingbroke castle in Lincolnshire he was the son of king Henry IV of England, and the Lord of Ireland from 1399-1413 A.D. He asserted his claim through his paternal heritage of his grandfather Edward III to the king of France and his father was John of Gaunt the fourth son of the Edward III and the third son to survive to adulthood.When Henry was on the throne, he eventually deposed his cousin but he didn’t know what to do with him, so Richard was imprisoned and died from starvation. The first King of England from the Lancaster branch of the plangent was Henry IV.

Henry spent most of his reign defending himself from rebellions, plots and assassination attempts. The later years of his life and reign was marked by serious health problems.