#Onthisday in history Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus was born 29th September 106 B.C. and died on 29th September 48 B.C. he was simply known as Pompey, a political leader and military commander in the late Roman Republic. Pompey came from a wealthy provincial family and his father set up the first family among the Roman nobility.

Pompey was a successful general at a young age, because of this he was advanced through to his first Consulship without meeting the requirements of office. His success as a military commander in the Sullas second civil war, resulted in him gaining the name “the great”. Three times consul and celebrated three triumphs.

Casear and Pompey both battled for the leadership for the Roman state and this lead to a civil war and lead to Pompey being defeated at Battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.C. even though he sought refuge in Egypt he was later assassinated. In result of this career and defeat Rome changed from Republic to principality to an empire.