Gunpowder in history was used as the first means to propel items/ammo with the use of explosives to deal major damage to buildings, walls and humans. But before the inventions of things such as cannons, blunderbuss’ and other firearms, there were many burning devices which were used to ignite things such as catapult boulders, this included the classical Greek fire.

But the invention of the gunpowder was first invented and attributed to Chinese alchemy and was seen as one of the four great inventions of China.

The year 1280 A.D. is attributed to the discovery of the explosive properties of gunpowder in which a large gunpowder arsenal was stored at Weiyang and caught fire in an accident, this caused a massive explosion. The team of Chinese inspectors worked at the site had been killed instantly along with some 100 guards, other inspectors found wooden beams and pillars that were exploded sky high, 2 miles away from the explosion.



Stoneware bombs, known in Japanese as Tetsuhau (iron bomb), this bombs were used in, Mongol Invasion of Japan 1271-1284 A.D.

The year Gunpowder was thought to have been discovered was during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century A.D. but the earliest recorded formula appears to be in the Song Dynasty in 11th century. The knowledge of the gunpowder spread throughout the old world and the result of the Mongol conquest of 13th century during this time there was great advancements in warfare.

In the 14th century the effect of gunpowder started to be into practice regularly, further advancements in technology saw the use of cannons in the 15th century. The advancement of effective artillery and cannons was demonstrated quite often during the 15th century with a prime example such as Constantinople 1453 A.D. the bombardment and the immense naval battles that took place.


The Dardanelles gun was cast in 1464 A.D. by the Munir Ali with the weight of 16.8 and the size of it was able to fire stones of ball up to 25 inches. This was an effective weapon, the powder chambers and the barrel were connected with a screw mechanism.

This was a great super sized bombarding cannon, which was used in Western Europe since the start of 15th century and especially in 1453 A.D. by the fun founder Orban.

By the turn of the early modern period, warfare sees a great shift of firearms been used in 17th century Europe. These type of weapons shifted warfare from pre-modern to modern with the use of artillery and handguns. This shift turned traditional sword and shield warfare into gunpowder warfare.


The early modern period was seen as a stepping stone in modern day warfare because there was a wide spread in firearms, and heavy use of bombardment on fortified cities with devastating effect on massive wars in history thanks to the use of “Gunpowder”.