The siege of Vienna took place #onthisday in history 27th September 1529 A.D. the first attempt of the Ottoman Empire which was led by Suleiman “the Magnificence” in the event idea of capture of Vienna. This was seen as the height of the power of the Ottoman Empire and the maximum extent of the expansion into Central Europe. But for the next 150 years this started a bitter rivalry of military tension between Vienna and the Ottoman’s which continued to culminate and led to the battle of Vienna of 1683 A.D. which marked a long 15 year war great Turkish war.

The Ottomans couldn’t capture Vienna in the 1529 siege, which had halted the expansion of the Empire which had been successful for almost 100 years of conquering the Eastern and Central parts of Europe. Prior to this the Ottomans had annexed central Hungary and established the Vassal state of Transylvania at the battle of Mohacs.

There was much speculation that Suleiman’s main objective in 1529 A.D. was to assertive Ottoman control over the whole of Hungary, others suggested it was seen as a total invasion of Europe.