Piri reis’ world map was created and compiled in 1513 A.D. from by the Ottoman military intelligence from the admiral and the Cartographer Piri Ries. This map only shows one-third of it because it, but it shows the Coast of Brazil, North Africa and Europe. But what makes this map so wonderful is that it was done with reasonably detailed accuracy.

Ries authored works such as “Kitāb-ı Baḥrīye” or “Book of the seas” one of the most famous works of the period of map making. The works were published in 1521 A.D. and reworked in 1524-25 A.D. to add more information and have more detailed charts in order to present to the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman I as a gift. In total the works are 434 pages and 290 maps.

The importance of this map is that it shows and demonstrates the Extent and travel of the exploration to the new world from the years of 1510 A.D. and there were claims that they had used Colombus’ maps.


“Surviving fragment of the second World Map of Piri Reis (1528)”

Sources have suggested it contained up to ten Arab maps, four Indian maps, and, one from Columbus was used. His works have echoed throughout the ages…


A late 16th century copy of the map of Europe from Kitab-ı Bahriye