Wakisaka Yusahure was born in  1554 A.D. and died #onthisday in history September 26th 1626 A.D. he was the feudal lord of Awaji Island which fought under a number of warlords in the Course of Japan’s Sengoku Period.

He originally was under Akechi Mitsuhdie who was a Vassal of Oda Nobunaga, in the year of 1581 A.D.he was one of several who led the troops of Nobunaga’s during the Siege of Hijiyama.  A year later the Akechi betrayed Nobunaga and took the lands and the power but he was defeated two weeks later at the battle of Yamazaki.

Wakisake then joined the Victor of the Battle, Hashiba Hideyoshi who had became an interesting and conspicuous figure in history as the retainer Nobunaga.

Wakisaka grew in power over the years and was given the island of Awaji, which worth 30,000 koku so he became an important figure in history particularly in the battlefields of the invasion of Korea 1592-98 A.D…