Vitellius was born #onthisday in history 24th September 15 A.D. and died 22nd December 69 A.D. Vitellius was a Roman Emperor for eight months from 16 April – 22th December 69 A.D.

He was proclaimed emperor following the quick succession of their emperors Otho and Galba from the civil war known as year of the Four Emperors. While he claimed the throne he was soon challenged by his legions who were stationed in the eastern provinces who proclaimed their commander Vespasian as emperor instead, this waged a war and leading to the crushing defeat for Vitellius at the second battle of Bedbraicum in northern Italy, Vitellius abdicated in favor of Vespasian. but he was executed by Vespasian and his soldier in 22nd December 69 A.D.