Nerva was born in 8th November and died on 27th January he was a Roman Emperor for just two years between 96-98 A.D. he became an emperor at an old age of sixty-five after a lifetime of service under Nero and various other rulers of the Flavian Dynasty, under Nero he was a member of an entourage and played an important part in revealing the Pisonian conspiracy of 65 A.D. As a loyalist to the Flavians he gained consulship during the rule of Vespasian and Domitian respectively.

#Onthisday in history 18 September 96 A.D. Domitian was assassinated in the palace the conspiracy was comprised by the praetorian guard and some of the freemen. On the very same day by the Roman senate they selected a Roman Emperor who would rule, which was Nerva. He promised and vowed to restore and uphold the liberties of the Roman Empire…