Owain Glyndwr was born in 1359 A.D. and died on 1415 A.D. he was an important Welsh ruler who was the last Native to ever hold a Westman title known as Prince of Wales. His Personality and character was fierce and long-running and he wasn’t so successful against the revolt with English rule over Wales.

Glydwr was the relative of the Princes of Powys.

#Onthisday in history 16th September 1400 A.D. he started the welsh revolt against the Henry IV of England, which started the initial uprising which was very successful and gained large amounts of control in Wales. However he suffered one weakness, the lack of artillery, which made capturing the fortresses and ships very hard to win. This also made their lands vulnerable.

The English eventually used there superior forces and suppressed the driving forces of Glyndwr from the last stronghold in 1409 A.D. But an interesting fact to mention he was, twice, offered a pardon from his military nemesis the new king Henry V of England.