Marco Polo was born #onthisday in history in 1254 A.D. September 15th and died on January 8-9 1324 A.D. he was a Famous Venetian Merchant traveller who was recorded in “Livres des Merveilles Du Monde”  “Book of the marvels of the world”. because he travelled and introduced Europeans to central Asia and China.

Polo learned the Mercantile trade from his uncle and father who were Maffeo and Niccolo, through Asia and he met the Kublai Khan. He returned and met Marco for the first time in 1269 A.D. three of them, went on a epic journey  through Asia, after 24 years they returned to find Venice at war with Genoa. Upon which Marco returned he was imprisoned and he spent his time telling stories to his cell mate. Realised in the year of 1299 A.D. he became a wealthy merchant and married with three kids, Died in 1324 A.D.There have been various sources and tales been told about….


The Journey he took …..