Great_Fire_London (1)

#Onthisday in history the great fire of London started on 2nd September and raged on for three days burning through the Central parts of the city until 5th September 1666 A.D. The fire burnt the medieval city of London and inside the old roman city walls. However, luckily enough it didn’t go to the district of Westminster where Charles II and the place of Whitehall. The amount of damage which took place consumed 13,200 houses as many as 87 parishes, St Pauls Cathedral and many more building were burnt down.

The estimates of destroyed homes and the people living there was between 70,000 and 85,000, but the ultimate totals are still unknown. The historical arguments taken place about the numbers of death that the middle class and poor people were not recorded at that time, however the heat of the fire may have cremated many victims. Archaeologists from the museum of London found some pottery which shows the temperature reaching to the heights of 1250C.


The cause of the great fire of London was at the bakery of Thomas Farriner who was on pudding lane which on the midnight of 2 September’s there was a rapid fire starting spread west to the city. The major techniques of what they use firefighters of that time was created by fire breaks by means of demolition it.

Aftermath: There was a radical shift of building schemes which was encouraged by Charles, by rebuilding under many plans for london to rivalled Paris Baroque magnificence,

This are the places by : Evelyn’s plan