In the Mayan history, blood letting was central to every day life in the late, pre-classical period from 400 B.C.-200 A.D. onwards this was vital because it was critical for the rituals of kingship. In the beliefs of Maya the members of the royal family, that her or his blood, would of been the portal to the other world, this would open up the world of spirits and gods who could pass into this world, such as the Serpent. This lintel shows the serpent manifest which, due to the royal authority of Lady Xook and the shield jaguar.


Lintel 24 : A very powerful image of the blood letting ritual of the King of Yaxchilan. While the lady K’ab’al Xook pulls the ropes believed to be shards of obsidian, through her tongue in order to conjure the serpent.The lintel dates back to about 725 A.D.


lintel 25: In this image Lady Xook is in the hallucination stage of the ritual. Which was her version of conjuring Teotihuacan Serpent.


Lintel 15:770 A.D. the third lintel showd Lord Bird Jaguar being depicted from Yaxchilan.


Lintel 16: The Lord Bird Jaguar stands over the captive noble 755-70 A.D.


Lintel 17: Maya blooding letting scene from 770 A.D

You can see these amazing works in the British Museum in for free in the Mexico room 24.