The witches of Samelsbury, they were three women from the area of Lancashire, which was a village of Samlesbury, the three women were Jennet Bierley, Jane Southworth and Ellen Bierly, who were accused by a 14-year-old girl, known as Grace Sowerbutts, of the use and practising of magic. Their trial was at Lancaster Assizes in England #onthisday 19th August 1612 A.D. at this time in England there were a series of witch trials held over the two days, this is amongst the most famous in English History. Thomas Potts who was a clerk at a court, published a book on the “The wonderfull Discoveries of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster”. It is arguable that the number of accused were found guilty and hanged at a High number of ten in Lancaster and more in York. In the end three of the Samlesbury women were acquitted however.


The various of charges that the other women faced were: Child murder and Cannibalism, this included the Pendle witches and who were also accused of Maleficium caused by the harm of witchcraft.

This was a era of 16 and 17 century of witch trials at the height of many problems due to religious struggles of that era such as the Catholic and Protestant struggle.