Heroes have been around since the dawn of culture and history Either through the means of literature, poetry, mythology, art, religion and songs that have been handed down throughout time …..What would it take to be classed as a hero, it would be someone who faced great danger, or combat in such great adversity, impressive through the attributes of Ingenuity, strength and bravery shown by the sacrificing of themselves without their own personal concerns, only fighting for the greater good…

The earliest forms of heroes was the victors and winners of battles against the so-called evil, or the personal renown gained in events that were taking place. Then, as throughout time in history there has been radical changes of what a hero was, either for the human rights of people in the modern era, fighting for what it means to be accepted to be human. Or the early women suffragettes movement for equality for example.

Ancient times: During the Classical era a warrior was seen to lives by and dies in pursuit of honour which was the ability to assert his greatness to memory. The life of a warrior was fighting in war or an epic conquest. Such classical heroes such as Achilles who was a semi-gifted warrior, and Beowulf who was a heroic character in a time of Peril and great danger.


The stories of heroism is meant to be a moral example of humans. There are many classical heroes for examples such as the Great Achilles who didn’t want any of his soldiers to win all the glory, but he had issues or rage and merciless slaughter which lead him to the battle of troy. But many of these great heroes had a role to play in epic oral tradition such as Hercules , Achilles Perseus.


Medieval hero: Joan arc was a medieval heroine in France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the “Hundred Years War” she was canonised as a Roman Catholic saint. Apparently she received vision from Archangel Michael, saint Margaret and Saint Catherine of Alexandria to support Charles VII and recover France from the English domination in the late hundred years war. Through this she was immortalised as a hero for freeing France from English rule.

Another of a hero is someone called Elizabeth fry video :

During the world wars that both took place, the change of social freedom and world equality, there has been more heroes for many reasons.

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an African American civil right activist who was called the “first lady of civil rights: who fought for her rights.”


In modern society sportsman can be viewed as heroes, winning a cup or medal for a country, is seen to be heroic, such examples are shown in world cup or an Olympics medal is seen to be an accomplishment in which great honour and pride is taken and inspires others.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a preeminent leader for the Indian independence movement under British rule, Gandhi employed nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to be inspired to make activities for movements of civil rights and freedom across the world.