Honorius was born on 9th September 384 A.D. and died 15th August 423 A.D. He was the Western Roman Emperor from the years of 393 A.D. -423 A.D. Honorius was the younger son of Emperor Theodosius I and his first wife Aelia Flaccilla, while his brother was the Eastern Roman Emperor Arcadius until 395 A.D. until his death 408 A.D.

The Western Roman Emperor was in rapid decline, while Honorius’ reign was a precarious and chaotic one. During his reign he was supported by the general known as Stilicho. Stilicho’s generalship helped preserve some level of stability but he was executed in 408 A.D. in history Honorius was regarded as one of the worst of the emperors. It was during his reign that Rome was sacked for the first time in history 800 years.