#Onthisday in history the Battle of Otlukbeli was fought between Ottoman Empire and the Ak Koylunu 11th August 1473 A.D.

Some of the reasons for the battle which took place was Uzun Hassan continued a traditional alliance with the Byzantine Empire. While Mehmed conquered Constantinople and most of Byzantine lands. Another reason was the major tensions between the Ottomans and the Ak Koyunlu was the political stand over the Anatolian tribe to Karamanids.

In the year of 1473 A.D. Mehmed II returned with an army to defeat Uzun Hasan. The traditional army of the Turcomans which had a large amount of light cavalries. Secondly the Ottoman had the latest technology such as cannons and rifles. This was the major difference in the armies and the Ottomans gained a decisive victory against the Turcomans which were nearly destroyed in a day.


While the Ottomans nearly ended the power of the Ak Koyunlu in the East, but the Ak Koylunu returned and destroyed Shah Ismail in Iran years later. Which was indirectly the victory of the Safavid Empire created and a new enemy was created in the East for the Ottomans.