Countess Elizabeth Bathory was born #onthisday 7th August 1560 A.D. and died on 21st August 1614 A.D. she was a serial killer and of the Bathory family, she was a Noble in the kingdom of Hungary. Elizabeth has been labelled in history and Guinness World Record as the most prolific female murderer. Though the precise number of her victims is debated. Bathory and four other conspirators were accused of killing and torturing hundreds of young women between the years of 1585 A.D.-1609 A.D.

According to Bathory trial’s the highest number of victims which had been cited was 650. One of the countess’ court officials had seen Bathory’s private book but the numbers were never truly reveiled. She was imprisoned for five years in 1609 .A.D in solitary confinement for five years until her death.

The stories of her serial murder were so brutal and bloody, that there have been up to 300 witness and even survivors of physical evidence of mutilated dead, a dying imprisoned girl. One of most famous tales was that she bathed in the blood of Virgins to retain her youth. she was sometimes referred to as to Countess Dracula….