Hercules first labour was to slay the Nemean Lion. According to the myths, the nemean lion took hostages to a woman in a cave near Nemea, Luring a warrior into nearby towns to save the Damsel in distress. After entering the cave the warrior would see a woman, and rush to her side to see if she was injured. But once getting close to the woman would turn into a lion and kill the lion that led them in, while devouring the remains and giving the bones to Hades.


While Hercules was wandering the area he came to a town called Cleonae, He met a boy who said if Hercules slewed the Nemean lion he would return alive within thirty days, the town would sacrifice the lion to the Zeus.

While Hercules searched for the lion, he fletched for some arrows to use against the Nemean, not knowing the golden fur was impenetrable. When Hercules found the lion and with his bow shot it, he discovered the furs protective property this meant that Hercules had to defeat it another way and so took the lion on bare handed.

During the fight between the lion and Hercules the lion bit one of Hercules fingers off, and while Hercules shot arrows at it he eventually got an arrow into the unarmoured mouth, slaying the lion, Hercules shaved and cut up the skins, with a knife from his belt and he used it as clothing.