Luis Vicente Velasco De Isla, was born on February 9th 1711 A.D. And died #onthisday in history July 31st 1762 A.D. he was a Spanish Sailor and he was a commander in Royal Spanish Navy. He is remembered for his Valiant defence against the British expedition in Cuba in 1762 A.D. during this action he was killed. Born in the Noja, Cantabria, a sailor at the age of 15 his first action was against the Barbary pirates, he later participated in the conquest of Oran in 1732 A.D.

In 1742 A.D. he was in command of a frigate of 30 guns and he attacked two British ships with more guns, while capturing one and sinking the others. They rescued the British crew and arrived in Havana, with more prisoners and his own crew.