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In the Greek mythology the owl which is known as “Athene noctua”  is traditionally linked with Athena, which is the goddess of wisdom or Minerva which is an Incarnation in Roman mythology. The reason why is that birds were often stated as Owl of Athena or the Owl of Minerva which is symbolism of knowledge, wisdom, Erudition and perspicacity, throughout the known western world.

In such as with the city of Athens see to have adopted the owl as a allegiance to the Patron virgin goddess.But according with the popular etiological myth which was reproduced on the western pediment of the Parthenon. Secured the of the citizens by the gifts of the Gift of the poseidon.

But in Roman mythology the Owl was continued through the Minerva although later adopted a scared or a favourite bird. Roman Folklore, owls was considered to be the harbingers of the death which perched on the roof and one of its feathers near sleeping and able to reveal their secrets.