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“Hell is personified as a demonic monster, physically torturing and devouring damned souls.”


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         The image of the travellers and monsters such as Sirens and Centaurs with insight into the soul and the corruption of understanding.


The Hydrus was found in the Nile River. In the Nile, there was a crocodile which would roll the hydrus in the mud before eating the smaller creatures. This creature was a water snake, the bites of the water snake would cause immense swelling and eventual death the cure for the bite was the Dung of an Ox.


The crocotta was a mythological dog wolf from India or Ethiopia which was linked to a Hyena, said to be deadly enemy of men and dogs.


Hercinia was a bird from the medieval bestiaries, which had glowing feathers.


[A monopod. From the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493]

Monopods are mythological human creatures which had a single large foot, which extended from the centre of the bodies.



A wyern was a Legendary creature with a Dragon Head and wings, with a reptilian body, two legs and a tail. This was a sea creature.


[from , early twelfth century, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.]

The Wonders of the East which was written around 1000 ad. This shows and describe odd, magical and barbaric creatures, which inhabited the eastern regions, India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt.


Demons depicted from the book of wonders in the late 14 century arabic manuscript book.

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[image from British library]

These are demons are torturing victims in the underworld..