Martin I of Sicily born in the year of 1374-76 A.D. died #onthisday in history of 25th July 1409 A.D. he was called the younger, he was the king of Sicily from 1390-1409 A.D. Martins father was the future king of Aragon the King Martin I of Aragon and his grand parents were the Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily. In the year of 1392 A.D. February he married to Maria of Sicily, from the year 1362-63 A.D. Later he returned with 1392 A.D. with Maria to Sicily with the military force and defeated the opposing groups of barons. In the year of 1394 A.D. he was the only son Peter and the crown prince of Sicily and died on 1400 A.D. He ruled jointly with maria and when she died in 25th May 1401 A.D.