Matilda of Tuscany was born in the year of 1046 A.D. and died on 24th July 1115 A.D. she was a powerful feudal ruler in Northern Italy and the Italian chief supporter of Pope Gregory VII during the investiture controversy. She was one of the few medieval women to be remembered for her military accomplishments and she was able to dominate the territories of the church states.

In the year of 1076 A.D. she gained a vast amount of territory in areas known as Lombardy, Romagna, Emilia and Tuscany. Between the dates of 6 and 11 may in 111 she was crowned as Imperial Vicar and Vice-Queen of Italy by Henry V of holy roman emperor.


She was remember as one of the most important and interesting figures during the middle ages. She lived in a era of constant battles and problems , but show her leadership ability and great strength. Remembered as the Great countess.