Louis I was born #onthisday in history 23rd July 1339 A.D. and died on 20th September 1384 A.D. he was the second son of John of II of France he was also the founder of the Angevin branch of the French royal family. Bonne of Bohemia gave birth to him at Chateau de Vincennes. Louis father appointed him to be count of Anjou and the Count of Maine in 1356 A.D. and then he raised him to the title of Duke of Anjou in 1360 A.D. and Duke of Touraine 1370 A.D.

In the year of 1382 A.D. as the adopted son of Joan I he was to succeed the countries of the Provence and Forcalquers. He was the veteran of the Hundred Year’s war against the English and led an Army into Italy and to claim his Neapolitan inheritance. He died on march and his claims and titles fell to his son.