Funerary Mask and arm with a Ring 

Gold Grave I, Necropolis of Trebeniste Macedonia end 6 century BC

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Ohrid, was known as the city of Light, after 2 and half centuries they have revealed and shown us the immortal golden faces of these masked angels. In September 30th 2002 the fifth consecutive funerary mask was found. Trebeniste necropolis still remains one of the most vital archaeological sites and it reminds the archaeology community of the richness and beauty of the ancient Macedonian civilisation.

Trebenista (which dates back to 5/6 century B.C) was founded in 1918 by Bulgarian soldiers, the government decided to send a archaeologist known as Karel Skorpil who organised the excavation and led to the find. After the excavation, the artefacts were researched by Bogdan Filov who was an “archaeologist”. They discovered over fifty-six graves, which these finds are important but the 12 royal tombs are the oldest and of course he most important, these tombs featured the whole dynasty and were buried in their power.

From then there has been a large amount of findings such as the Five Golden Masks, some iron earrings and various other ornaments. The tombs items are housed in the Archaeological museums in Ohrid, Sofia and Belgrade.

There was a major finding of gold, sliver and rich royal burial gifts. Due to the factor of these being some of the richest mask findings in Macedonian studies and some of the finest examples in history of just what are “Funerary Masks”.