Louis VIII the Lion was born in 5 of September 1187.AD and died on 8 of November 1226.AD he was the king of France and from the house of Capet. Onthisday in history 14 of July 1223.AD until 1226.AD. He also have claimed the title of King of England from the year of 1216-1217.AD. Louis VII was born in paris and his father was known Philip II of France and Isabelle of Hainaut from he inherited the County of Artois.

Firstly while Louis was ruling briefly as king of France and he was a important and active leader in his years of being a Crown prince. Secondly during the First Baron’s wars of the year of 1215-15 against the King of John of England , he earn the Military prowess earned him the name of “epithet the Lion”.After the victory of the Battle of Roche-au-Moine in the 1214. Then he invaded in the southern England and later was proclaimed “King of England” by the rebellious barons in london on 2 of June 1216.AD