800px-Streathamladyjayne (1)10th July 1553 A.D.: Lady Jane Grey takes the Throne of England #Onthisday in history, she was born in the year of 1536 A.D. and died on 12th February 1554 A.D. She was an English noblewoman and De facto monarch of England and Ireland from 10th July until 19th July.

She was the great-granddaughter of Henry VII through the younger daughter of Mary, Jane was the first cousin and once removed from Edward VI. In the year of 1553 A.D. in May she married Lord Guildford Dudley who was the younger son Chief minster, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. The 15 year old king died in June 1553 A.D. He nominated that Jane be the successor to the Crown in his will, which subverted the claims of his half sister known as Mary and Elizabeth under the “Third Succession Act”. Jane was imprisoned in the Tower of London and Privy council which decided to change sides to, and choose Mary as the queen on 19th July 1553 A.D. In the year of November 1553 A.D. she carried out the death of sentence.