#Onthisday Carlos was born 8th July 1545 A.D. and he was Prince of Astrurias and died on 24th July 1568 A.D. he was the eldest son and the apparent heir to King Philip II of Spain. His mother was Maria Manuela of Portugal who was the daughter of John III of Portugal.

In the year of 1562 A.D. Carlos fell down a flight of stairs and had a serious head injury. He was saved by an operation which was known as trepidation of the skull, the surgery was performed by Andreas Versalius. After the operation and some while he recovered but Carlos became wildly unpredictable in his behaviour.

Prince Carlos was mentally unstable and he was imprisoned by his father in the early years of 1568 A.D. after only a half a year being in solitary confinement. By his fate was a famous story which was known as the “Black Legend” this event was inspired by a play Fredrich Schiller and a opera by Giuseppe Verdi.