Sigismund II Augustus was born 1st August 1520 A.D.  he died #onthisday 7th July 1572 A.D. He was the king of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, the only son of Sigismund I ‘the Old’, it was the Sigismund II who succeeded him in 1548 A.D. later he married three times and the last of the Jagiellons remained childish, throughout the Union of Lublin and the introduction of an elective monarchy.

The start of his reign, Sigismund had came into collision with the nobility who already lead the curtailing of power of the great families. Augustus was passionate about the collecting of jewels. He possessed a very high degree of Patience and tenacity which was seen to have  been characteristic of the Jagiellons, with great qualities of diplomatic finesse and dexterity.

A famous letter to Hurrem sultan the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, to Sigimunds Augustus which complimenting him on his accession on the from 1549 A.D.