Chagatai Khan was born on 22nd December 1183 A.D. and died #onthisday on history 1st July 1242 A.D. He was the second son of the Genghis Khan. He was Khan of Chagati Khanate from years 1226-1242 A.D. However the Chagati language and Chagatai Turks take there names from the ruler himself “Chagati”. Upon his father’s death he inherited most areas known, now as the five central Asian states. He was also appointed by Ghenghis Khan himself to oversee the Execution of Yassa.

The empire was known as Chagati Khante, but as the descendent of the mongol empire.

Chagati Khan’s characteristics was considered as a hot-headed and very temperamental by his relatives, because of this he was not accepted by Jochi as the Great Khan. He was very outspoken about this issues among his relations. He appeared to be a very energetic and just governor, but also uncouth as he had a hard drinking addiction. He had a solider-spirit like his father, also a nature ruler and leader, in order to keep his population in check the kingdom mostly composed of warriors.