Onthisday in history 30th June 1442 A.D. the “Battle of Arbedo” was fought between the Dutchy of Milan and the Swiss Confederation

Events leading up to the battle:

In the years of 1419 A.D. Yuri and Untewaldon was bought by the Bellinzone which was a strong hold from the Sacco Barons, but it was unable to be defended properly. 1422 A.D. the rejection to the Milanese proposal to buy the fortified town back, their troops that were stationed in Bellizona were out to rout by the Visonti army under the command of Franesco Bussone who was called Carmagnole. Which was a attempted to reconquer the fortified area at that time, with the support of the confederate which lead to the battle of Arbedo. A village 3 kms north of Bellinzona. Count of Carmangolo led the force of the dutch Milan vs the Swiss and was victorious in history.