#Onthisday in history the Globe theatre was destroyed by a fire on 29th June 1613 A.D.

Globe Theatre is in the centre a London and a theatre is linked with William Shakespeare, Built in the year of 1599 A.D. by the Shakespeare playing company, the lord chamberlain’s Men .The original globe was made of timber from an earlier theatre. In 1642 A.D. the puritans closed down the theatre like many others in the country.

On the land which was owned by Thomas Brend and inherited by his son Nicholas Brend and the grandson Sir Mathew Brend. But when the fire struck on 29th June 1613 A.D. The second was built on the same grounds by June 1614 A.D. it was a closed due to an ordinance issued on 6th September 1642 A.D.

In modern times the reconstruction of the globe was name “Shakespeare Globe: and opened in 1997.

The Globe has such an iconic place in London history and world culture, because this is  the birth of some of the greatest literature and plays of Shakespeare of its like where “literature” came to life and in some sense history was been told.