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#Onthisday 28th June 1444 A.D. Charlotte was born and died on 16th July 1487 A.D. she was the Queen of Cyprus and Princes of Antioch and various other titles, Queen of Jerusalem and Armenia to name a few.

She was the eldest daughter of King John II of Cyprus, Helena Palaiologina and the only surviving one.Whilst her up bring was in Byzantine tradition she spoke fluent Greek which she had learned from her mother. She was very gifted in languages, Charlotte could write, Italian, French and Latin, though she mainly spoke in Greek. Due to the personality and outspoken manner the Pope Pius II called her “Greek torrent”.

When Charlotte was 14 years old she had succeeded the Cypriot throne when her father died in 1458 A.D. Whilst her illegitimate half brother James challenged her right to the throne. James was able to gain the support from the Egyptians and forced his sister to leave the island in 1463 A.D.She made a military attempt to regain her throne but, that however failed and she died in Rome, childless.