#Onthisday in history sir William de Montagu was born 25th June 1328 A.D. and died on 3rd June 1397A.D. he was the Second Earl of Salisbury, an English noble and a Commander in the English army during the reign of King Edward III during the French campaigns in the Hundred years war. William was one of the Founders of the knights of the Order of the Garter.

Firstly in the years of 1340s. Lord Salisbury married to Joan of Kent, which was the first cousin of the king and the princess of England at the time. Both William and his bride were in their younger years when they were married, at the age of twelve, But Lord Salisbury went into the marriage in good faith and trust, however , Joan secretly married John Holland before he left England on the crusades.

William de Montage of Salisbury at the age of twenty showed great signs of becoming a successful commander. Even though he had a disaster and deceitful marriage with a royal member, Salisbury rose through the ranks quickly in the army due to the strength of his independence and competence.

He was a commander of the English forces in France for many years which included the commander of the rear guard to the Edward the black prince army in 1355 A.D. and later in the battle of Poitiers in 1354 A.D. After further battles throughout the 1350s and 1360s, he was one the most important commissioners who negotiated the treaty of Bretigny.


In his later year’s he married Elizabeth the daughter of John de Mohun, 9th lord of Mohun of Dunsters, the two had a son and two daughters where they lived in Berkshire.

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