#Onthisday in history Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester was born 24th June, 1532 A.D. died 4th September 1588 A.D. he was an English Nobleman and the favourite close friend to Elizabeth I. From when she first reigned in her earlier years on the throne until her death, Elizabeth gave him hope and reason , but he was seen as her suitor for many years.

Through Dudley’s wealth was overshadowed by the fall of his family in 1553 A.D. after his father tried to establish lady Jane Grey on the English throne. Robert Dudley was condemned to death in 1554 A.D. but took part in the battle of St. Quentin under Philip II of Spain, which lead to his full rehabilitation. When Elizabeth I was ascended to the throne November 1558 A.D. Dudley was appointed to the rank of Master of the Horse. A few years later in 1562 A.D. he became the Privy Councillor. Throughout the rest of the years of his career he had various other posts, even becoming one of the greatest landowners in North Wales.

Robert Dudley was the Earl of Leicester and one of Elizabeth’s leading statesmen in history, which was involved in domestics as well a foreign politics alongside William Cecil and Francis Walsingham. He also refused to marry Mary queen of the Scots.