#Onthisday in history of 23rd June 47 B.C. his name was Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor or simply known as “Casear” but better known by his nickname: “Caesarion” he died on August 23rd 30 B.C. He was the last king of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. Who ruled jointly with his Mother Cleopatra VII of Egypt, from the years of September 2 44 B.C.  when his mother died he became the sole ruler from 12 of August 30 B.C. until 23rd August of 30 B.C. Orders of Octavian had Casearion targeted for death, Octavian would later be known as the Roman Emperor Augustus. Whether the orders were carried out successfully or not remains unknown. Caesarion was the eldest of son of Cleopatra but and the only son of Julius Casear, of whom he was named after.