(`Photos credits : The Lovers Hansanlu Lovers – Penn Museum Image)

This is a beautiful story to tell, I genuinely love this image of the burial in Iran even though it is weird but sweet. These are human remains that they uncovered in a archaeological site at Teppe Hasanlu in the Solduz Valley of the western Azerbaijan Province of Iran.

This is a depiction of two human skeletons who have embraced each other and kissed. The name ‘Hasanlu Lovers’ was given to the couple, and it is perfect. The way that they hold each other and their positioning is extremely interesting, and the fact that they were found in a bin-like structure.

However, Archaeology magazine discovered that the man and woman were both 5 feet 2 inches tall (Edition (volume 61 Number 1 January and February 2008).

The pair of skeletons were found in 1972, and it is estimated that the couple died together around 800 B.C. It seems as though the couple were holding each other and kissing moments before they met their death.

There are two theories when it comes to the ‘Hasanlu Lovers.’ The first speculates that the couple had crawled into the structure and discovered a hole, where they hid in order to escape the destruction of their citadel. The second theory argues that they held each other in order to keep quite and hide so that they could die together peacefully.(page 20) The Culture and Social Institutions of Ancient Iran

Reference: Dandamaev, M. A.; Vladimir Grigorʹevich Lukonin, Philip L. Kohl, Dadson, D. J. (1989). The Culture and Social Institutions of Ancient Iran. Cambridge; New York City:Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0521321075.