#Onthisday in history King John of England put his seal to the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D. 15th June.

King John was born on, 24th December 1166 A.D. and died on 19th October 1216 A.D. he ruled as King of England from 6th April 1199 A.D. until his death 1216 A.D. When John lost the Duchy of Normandy to King Philip of France, it resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and caused the growth in power of the Capetian Dynasty during the 13th century. During the end John’s reign, the Baronial revolt took place which led to the sealing of the Magna Carta, which was a documentary consider in history to be the first step of which would lead to the evolving over the many centuries of the “constitution of the United kingdom”.

Magna_Carta_(British_Library_Cotton_MS_Augustus_II.106) (2)

The Magna Carta is also known as the Great Charter, it was agreed by the king of England at Runnymede near Windsor, 15th June 1315 A.D. It was first drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, to make peace with the Unpopular king who was hated by a group of rebel Barons, which was under the protection of the church rights, protection for the Barons from the illegal imprisonments and swift justice, limitation on the feudal payments to the crown. Which was implemented through the council of 25 Barons.

But neither side stood behind there commitments and after King john of England death there was first baron wars.