#Onthisday in history, Thomas Pennat was born on 14th June 1726 A.D. and died on 16th December, 1798 A.D. he was a Welsh naturalist, traveller and writer. He was born and lived with his family, at his family estate, his whole life, Downing Hall near Whitford, Wales.

He was a naturalist, with great curiosity about life, and the observation of geography, geology of plants, animals, and the world itself. He wrote acclaimed books including (British Zoology, the History of Quadrupeds, Arctic Zoology and Indian Zoology). Even though he never actually travelled that much, only within the boundaries of Europe. HE new and connected much of the Scientific figures of his day. He amassed great amounts of art works and other various artefacts, that are now housed in national library of Wales.