#Onthisday in history in a groovy way 13th June 1514 A.D. Henry Grace a Dieu, was over a 1,000 tons the largest warship in the world at this time, at the new Woolwich Dockyard in England.

The ships name meant “Henry Grace of God”, also known as the Great Harry, it was an English carrack, of the king fleet in 16 century. She was the largest forecastle with four decks high and two stern castle decks, which weighed between 1000-1500 tons, each had about 1000 men on board. This was in order to be built by Henry VIII  against the Scottish ship that Michael Launched in 1511 A.D.

Built between the years of 1512-1514 A.D. this was the first vessel to have featured Gunports and had twenty born heavy cannons which allowed broadside battle. In all, she was a mighty ship, with 43 heavy guns and 141 light guns the largest in Europe at that time. The ship was used as more of a Diplomatic vessel than a battleship.