It has been a long time since I had done any research or reading for that matter on Alexander the Great, and one day Groovy gives me a book and asks me to read it and write a review. Honestly I was taken aback by this request but also slightly intrigued by the sudden request and so I agreed.


Upon receiving the book I had taken a look at the title and to my surprise it was written ‘The Army of Alexander the Great’ written by Stephen English a name I did not recognise, further intrigued I excitedly took the book and started reading as soon as I got home.


Stephen English’s preface is a warm and friendly intro of himself and his book, a little of his history, his thanks and his struggles. This preface instantly draws you in to a familiarity and comfortability with the writer, especially if you are also an up and coming starter to the book writing world, or have plans to become one. Though this approach feels lazy and relaxed do not be fooled the work done for this book is as professional and well as any other in the field with the research and legwork just as adequately done.

The introduction prepares you for what is you are about to read, it highlights the direction and structure well. The reading is light but informative, Stephen English’s pace is easily matched and if you are a busy person the book itself is fairly compact, light and easy to carry around.

The way the work is structured makes it very easy to read to a point and put it down so you can continue later, with its main chapter heading and the sub headings in each paragraph. the sub headings give you a clear idea of what it is you will be reading within the said article. The flow from article to article is as consistent as it is informative and stays rightly on track at the perfect pace. The terminology in each chapter is explained so you are never left confused and every chapter covers its subject well and completely. The research is clearly shown and all the research is well presented.


To end the book the author finishes on the military structure of Alexander’s army and of course Alexander the great and his finest hours. In all the book was a great read, a steady pace, manageable information, structured in a very good way. I didn’t know who Stephen English was before this review but I will definitely be reading his books on the Sieges of Alexander and Field Campaigns.