#Onthisday in history of 10th June 1805 A.D. the first barbary war, what happened today?Yusuf Karamanli from the karamanli nobility from the Ottoman Empire, signs a treaty in ending the hostilities between Tripolitania and the United States.

The first Barbary war took place between 1801-1805 which was also known as the Tripolitania war, this was the first of the two barbary wars, it was a war between the United States and the four African states known as, at the time as the Barbary states, three of which were provinces of the Ottoman Empire, which were , Tripoli, Algiers and Tunis. The fourth one was the independent Sultanate of Morocco.

The causes that lead up to the war were the Pirates from the Barbary states who started seizing American merchant ships and holding the crew for ransom to the U.S to pay tribute to the Barbary Rulers, but the United states President at the time refused to pay this tribute.