#Onthisday in history William Paget, 1st Baron Paget was born on 1506 A.D. but more crucial he died 9th June 1563 A.D. He was an important English statesmen and accountant who held high roles in the services of such rulers as Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I.

He official  became a secretary for Anne of Cleves in 1539 A.D. Then he was part of the privy council and appointed secretary of state, in April 1543 A.D. by which Henry VIII depended on his advice, whilst appointing him one of the council to act during the minority of Edward VI.

He had various posts through the years of his life and career by serving as an import statesmen role he had been pardoned from the problems in the tower, and later he had peace with Mary I and was back in the privy council and counted on when working under the Tudor Dynasty.