#Onthisday in history 8th June Richard I arrives in Acre (Modern Palestine) thus this lead to his crusade. Which he gave his support to Poitevin vassal Guy of Luisignan, who brought troops to help him from Cyprus

Richard I was born on 8th September 1157 A.D. and died on 6th April 1199 A.D. and was the king of England from 6th July 1189 A.D. until his death, he ruled. He was also as the Duke of Normandy, and Aquitaine , Gascony and funnily lord of Cyprus. Richard had various other titles in France. Richard was the third of the Five sons of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Because of his reputation, he was known as Richard the lion heart, also known as a great military leader and warrior.


When he was age 16, Richard took control of his own army, by putting down rebellions in Poitou against his father. Richard was also the central Christian commander during the third crusades, leading to the departure of Philip II of France and then scoring a considerable number of great victories against the Muslim counterpart, Saladin.