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#Onthisday in history John III of Porgutal was born 7th June 1502 A.D. He was the king of Portugal and Algarve’s from the years of 1521 A.D. until his death in 1557 A.D. The son of King Manuel I and the Maria of Aragon, who was the third daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and queen Isabelle of Castile, he ascended the throne at the age of 19.

Upon his rule, he extended the possession of the Portuguese lands in Asia and the new world, through the Colonizations of Brazil. John III enforced the Portugal bases in India, such as Goa for the reason of security and Monopoly over the spice trade, the trade of cloves and nutmeg from Mallukua island. Throughout the empire he was known as the “Grocer King, by the eve of his death in 1557 A.D. the empire spanned 4 million square kilometres.

He was the first European to make contact both with China and under the Ming dynasty and with Japan during the Murmachi period. He as well, invested in trade with India and invested in Brazil. This created strong ties in the Baltic region, for trade purposes.