Onthisday in history 6th June 1508.AD Maximilian I holy roman emperor is defeated in Friuli by the Venetian troops.

Who was Maximilian I in history: he was born on 22nd March 1459 A.D. he was the son of Frederick III the holy roman emperor and the Eleanor of Portugal who was the king of the Romans. (also known the King of the Germans) from the years of 1486 A.D. and the Holy Roman Emperor from 1508 A.D. until his death, even though he was never crowned by the pope because the journey was too risky. He ruled with his father together for ten years from 1483 A.D. which later expanded the influence of Habsburg through the war of his marriage to Mary of Burgundy of 1477 A.D.

The marriage of his daughter to Philip the Handsome she became the eventual queen Joanna of Castile 1498 A.D. which helped Maximilian helped establish the legacy and dynasty of Habsburg in Spain.