The Harem conspiracy was a mysterious plot which took place in Ancient Egypt that is believed to be a Murder plot of the Egyptian Pharaoh “Ramesses III”. The figure who took on the role and responsibility of assassinating the Egyptian Pharaoh, was one of his secondary wives known as Tiye


Who was hopeful for her son Pentawere to be put on the throne instead of the heir known as Ramesses IV.


The official plan that took place, was organized by the court official known as Pebekkanmen. The Plot was successful in the first part of the plan, which was the death of the Pharaoh, but the overall objective was a failure, by establishing Pentwere on the throne. In conclusion of this, the conspirators were convicted and executed.

The conspirators, in history were believed to have help of using black magic, this magic would be able to deceive the guards at the harem, which allowed a certain message to be delivered in this with the help of other magic spells being enacted and rituals used made “Ramessess III” weakened and made easier to assassinate. Which the help of the personal Physicians Iyroy who had conjured the magic.

The Pharaoh had been poisoned with a weapon and had died some days later, but through the use of modern technology and the use of Cat scan strongly suggest his throat was cut open very deeply.

The ancient documents referred to Ramesses III as “The Great god” because bearing in mind this it is not believed that he even died as this was seen as a passing to the after life in the eternal being, either before the assassination attempt or the During the Court.

Judicial Papyrus of Turin: is the main source of history which was over 3,000 years old which was the evidence of the harem conspiracy bearing in mind its a rare Papyrus only few have mentions of this event. Through the events that has been place before us by the papyrus in history. The tale of the death of this Pharaoh is being many speculation in history and strong evidence from CET scans and papyrus.

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